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Are you looking for good children’s music, especially for children learning English as a second language? Then I think you have come to the right place.

Creating music to help children learn is my passion and the music that you will find from Lemon Lime Education has proven to be very effective in the ESL classroom.

Lemon Lime Rhymes 1 is our latest and greatest album.  It has theme based songs that help young learners with new vocabulary and sentence patterns.  Each song comes in three flavors- sing-a-long, sing by yourself or ‘turtle speed’ which helps young learners get the hang of the lyrics for the first time.   We had a great time recording this album and hope you like it.

The Sing @ School series is Lemon Lime’s first creation. It has been designed to be a musical “teacher’s assistant”- as if you had your own personal band playing for you in the class (wouldn’t that be great?). There are many songs in texts and story books that are “sung to the tune of” a traditional melody- besides the traditional lyrics themselves.  Sing @ School provides some groovy variations of those classic melodies. These melodies allow teachers and students to sing traditional songs or two get creative and make up their own. The possibilities are endless.

Next up…

I am finishing up the mixing (does that mean I will finish mixed up???) on Lemon Lime Rhymes 2. It should be ready for digital downloads very very soon.  Also, I have been writing some new songs and picking out the melodies for Sing@School 2.  You can subscribe to my newsletter or like the Lemon Lime Education Facebook page for updates.

Talk to us…

Email, call, like, poke, tweet, yell or yodel… We’d love to hear from you.

Yes, we take requests…

Is there a song that you want, but we don’t have. Trying to teach a new theme, but have nothing to sing? Let us know! We will put on our thinking caps and hit the piano and create what you need… Fresh squeezed music, just for you…. now what rhymes with orange?

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